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Father Michael Manning
Word In The World
The Word in the World" presents real life based in the real Word for real people.

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Pastor Billy Wilson
World Impact
World Impact canvasses the globe with a unique, contemporary format offering a clear evangelistic call to a relationship with Christ. Typical program elements include a teaching segment, factual or background information, biographical sketches, practical

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Andrew Wommack
Gospel Truth
God called us to teach the truth of the Gospel to the body of Christ with special emphasis on Godís unconditional love and the balance between grace and faith.

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Mike Purkey
Where Miracles Happen
Mike Purkey Ministers from his home church in Lenexa, Kansas by singing and preaching the word of God

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Dr. Gloria Williams
Right Connection
DR. GLORIA WILLIAMS is the Pastor and Co-Founder of Jesus People Ministries Church International Inc. located in Miami, Florida), and is the proud mother of one daughter, Richelle.

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Dr. David Swanson
The Well
Dr. David D. Swanson is the Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Orlando. It is his hope to seek, share and serve the Lord Ė all to the glory of God.

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Tim Scott and Will Decker
Travel the road
Ground breaking reality television series that documents the adventurous lives of young missionaries Tim Scott and Will Decker.

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The Book of Ruth with Tommy Tenney
The Book of Ruth With Tommy Tenney
Best-selling author of The God Chasers, One Night With The King, and The Road Home, Tommy Tenney shares insights into the life of the biblical Ruth that shows you how you, too, can find your second chance.

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James MacDonald
Walking in the Word TV
Walking in the Word is a Bible-teaching broadcast ministry that was established in 1997 and now reaches millions of people daily.

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James MacDonald
Walk in the Word TV
Walk in the Word is a Bible-teaching broadcast ministry that was established in 1997 and now reaches millions of people daily.

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Dr. Don Wilton
The Encouraging Word
Dr. Don Wilton brings the power of the Gospel to millions of people each week on The Encouraging Word television broadcast.

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Pastor Duane Vander Klok
Walking By Faith
Walking By Faith, with Pastor Duane Vander Klok, is a weekly program that reaches around the world offering viewers the opportunity to receive salvation through Jesus Christ and encouraging believers to apply faith to their everyday living. Duane Vander K

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The Woodcarver - Movie
The Woodcarver
A troubled youth vandalizes a church and winds up in a close association with the woodcarver whose work he destroyed

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Wind Dancer - Movie
Wind Dancer
When a young girl is injured by a riding accident, she overcomes her injury with the help of her family and her beloved horse.

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What Would Jesus Do? - Movie
What Would Jesus Do?
When a small town falls on hard times, four desperate individuals attempt to save their community by asking themselves what Jesus Christ would do when faced with their dilemmas.

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Pastor David Shearin
The Word for Living
Based out of Word of Life Christian Center in Las Vegas, NV, Pastor David Shearin teaches practical insights from God's Word that will empower you to discover who you are, what you can do and the abundant riches you possess in Christ.

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Pastor Steve Kelly
Wave Church with Steve Kelly
Wave Church with Steve Kelly is filmed on location in Virginia Beach, VA. The program is designed to provide hope, inspiration, and life as Steve speaks weekly directly to some of the most difficult issues of life.

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The Wager
The Wager - Movie
Nominated for an Academy Award, Michael T. Steele (Randy Travis) has reached a pinnacle that no other Christian has. Unaware, he has now been cast as the lead in a supernatural drama, as the center focus of a wager between God and Satan

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The Wedding Chapel
The Wedding Chapel - Movie
A troubled and uninspired artist visits her mother and becomes involved in a mission to save a beloved and historic church from closure.

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Welcome to Paradise
Welcome to Paradise - Movie
A female minister's faith and conviction in God leads her to the small town of Paradise, Texas, where she finds a community in need of direction, a church congregation searching for inspiration, and the one man who just might be the love of her life.

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Where the Red Fern Grows
Where the Red Fern Grows - Movie
Story from Wilson Rawls's novel about an Oklahoma boy's devotion to two hunting dogs during the Great Depression.

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Dr. Wonder's Workshop
Dr. Wonder's Workshop
Dr. Wonder's Workshop A 30 minute television series like youíve never seen before. Itís fun. . . Itís colorful. . . Itís magical. . . Itís musical. . . Itís educational. . . It teaches values and celebrates faith. . . And it does all that in three langua

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A Christmas Wish
A Christmas Wish
It looks like it's going to be a bleak Christmas for the Evans family. However, there are warm hearts working behind the scenes that ultimately make this the happiest holiday of Martha's life -- a real answer to her prayers

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