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Friday, December 2nd
Central Time Program
12:00 AM      Life Today (cc)
James and Betty Robison
12:30 AM      Enjoying Everyday Life (cc)
Joyce Meyer
1:30 AM      Main Stage
Main Stage
2:00 AM      Praise the Lord (cc) *
4:00 AM      Brother Dave and the Hour of Power Singers (cc)
Dave Lombardi
5:00 AM      Carroll Roberson (cc)
Carroll Roberson
5:30 AM      Billy Graham TV
Franklin Graham
6:00 AM      Enjoying Everyday Life (cc)
Joyce Meyer
7:00 AM      Live with Passion
Fr. Cedric Pisegna
7:30 AM      Living By Faith
Pastor Mike Freeman
8:00 AM      Life Today (cc)
James and Betty Robison
8:30 AM      Word In The World (cc)
Father Michael Manning
9:00 AM      Walk in the Word TV
James MacDonald
9:30 AM      Aquilla Nash (cc)
Aquilla Nash
10:00 AM      Gregory Dickow (cc)
Gregory Dickow
10:30 AM      The Blessed Life (cc)
Pastor Robert Morris
11:00 AM      Gospel Truth (cc)
Andrew Wommack
12:00 PM      Behind The Scenes (cc) *
12:30 PM      Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis (cc)
Jonathan Bernis
2:00 PM      Praise the Lord (cc) *
5:00 PM      Jewish Jewels
Neil and Jamie Lash
5:30 PM      Leading the Way (cc)
Dr. Michael Youssef
6:00 PM      Billy Graham Classics
Billy Graham
7:00 PM      Behind The Scenes (cc) *
7:30 PM      Rev. Ted Shuttlesworth (cc)
Ted Shuttlesworth
11:00 PM      Katie Souza - Healing Your Soul
Katie Souza
11:30 PM      Unfolding Majesty
Dean and Mary Brown
Note: Shows marked with an asterisk * are paid for by your PRAISE-A-THON DOLLARS (production and/or air time). In some areas local programs preempt network programming. All programs are subject to change without notice.


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