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Wednesday, December 13th, 2017   -   Tuesday, December 19th, 2017
Pacific Time Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday
12:00 AM      Praise the Lord (cc)Gods at War Praise the Lord (cc)Max LucadoClassic Praise the LordTim Scott and Will Decker
12:30 AM      Ancient Secrets of the Bible H2O: A Journey of Faith Not A Fan
1:00 AM      H2O: A Journey of Faith Tommy TenneyApostle Bailey (cc)The Book of Ruth with Tommy Tenney
1:30 AM      TBAThe Book of Ruth with Tommy TenneyDr. T.L. Osborne
2:00 AM      Dean and Mary BrownTBADave Lombardi (cc)Dr. Wonder's WorkshopDrive Through History - Holy Land with Dave Stotts
2:30 AM      Holy Land ExperienceThe Book of Ruth with Tommy TenneyMiss Charity's DinerBishop Bob JacksonDr. Mike Moore
3:00 AM      Frank SantoraDr. D. James KennedyCarroll Roberson (cc)Sarah's StoriesRandy FolliardJoseph Prince
3:30 AM      Dr. V. DilkumarPastor Steve KellyFranklin GrahamDavey and GoliathDr. Dwain MillerTed Shuttlesworth (cc)
4:00 AM      Joyce Meyer (cc)Joyce Meyer (cc)Joyce Meyer (cc)BJ's Teddy Bear Club and Bible StoriesJoyce Meyer (cc)Joyce Meyer (cc)
4:30 AM      Katie SouzaPastor Jerry BarnardFaithville Damon DavisPastor David Shearin
5:00 AM      Dr. David SwansonFather Michael Manning (cc)Fr. Cedric PisegnaMonster Truck AdventuresDave Lombardi (cc)David TurnerDr. Sandra Kennedy
5:30 AM      Pastor Mike FreemanPastor Mike FreemanPastor Mike FreemanGina D's Kids ClubPastor Mike FreemanPastor Mike Freeman
6:00 AM      James and Betty Robison (cc)Mike's Inspiration StationDr. Michael Youssef (cc)James and Betty Robison (cc)
6:30 AM      Pastor Ron Phillips (cc)Father Michael Manning (cc)The Bedbug Bible GangDr. Don Wilton Jerry Dirmann
7:00 AM      James MacDonaldJames MacDonaldJames MacDonaldPastor Gus KorkotselosDr. D. James KennedyJames MacDonaldJames MacDonald
7:30 AM      John Michael TalbotDr. Randy BrodhagenAquilla Nash (cc)Gregory Dickow (cc)Dr. David Reagan
8:00 AM      Damon DavisGregory Dickow (cc)Mel BondDr. Fredrick K.C. Price (cc)Pastor Keith Moore
8:30 AM      Pastor Robert Morris (cc)Katie SouzaPastor Christian Raburn
9:00 AM      Andrew Wommack (cc)Diane BishJames MacDonaldAndrew Wommack (cc)
9:30 AM      Dr. Don WiltonKim ClementPastor David ShearinJohn W. Smith, Jr.
10:00 AM      Behind The Scenes (cc)Pastor Tommy BatesDr. Bill PurvisBehind The Scenes (cc)
10:30 AM      Jonathan Bernis (cc)Jonathan Bernis (cc)Jonathan Bernis (cc)Bishop Derek GrierJonathan Bernis (cc)Jonathan Bernis (cc)
11:00 AM      Apostle Bailey (cc)Glen Berteau
11:30 AM      Dr. James Scudder (cc)
12:00 PM      Praise the Lord (cc)Praise the Lord (cc)Praise the Lord (cc)Bobby Schuller (cc)Dr. Gloria Williams (cc)Praise the Lord (cc)Praise the Lord (cc)
12:30 PM      
1:00 PM      Dr. Steve McVeyBobby Schuller (cc)
1:30 PM      Kenneth Hagin, Jr.
2:00 PM      Dr. V. DilkumarDr. Mike MooreBilly GrahamIsrael: History of the Land
2:30 PM      Doug BatchelorJentezen Franklin (cc)Perry Stone (cc)
3:00 PM      Dr. Lynn HilesNeil and Jamie LashMark & Trina HankinsDr. David SwansonDr. David Uth
3:30 PM      Bishop Derek GrierDr. Michael Youssef (cc)Dr. Kevin ClarksonPastor Charles Cowan (cc)Greg Laurie
4:00 PM      Dr. Tony Evans.Pastor Duane Vander KlokDr. Baruch KormanDoug Batchelor
4:30 PM      Glen BerteauRandy FolliardHoly Land Experience
5:00 PM      Behind The Scenes (cc)Behind The Scenes (cc)
5:30 PM      Dr. Baruch KormanJohn Hagee (cc)Ted Shuttlesworth (cc)Dr. James Merritt (cc)Carroll Roberson (cc)
6:00 PM      John Michael TalbotPastor Billy Wilson (cc)
6:30 PM      Dr. Steve McVeyDr. David UthPerry Stone (cc)Dr. Tony Evans.
7:00 PM      
7:30 PM      Jonathan Bernis (cc)Pastor Tracy Armstrong
8:00 PM      Roy Fields Dr. Charles Stanley (cc)Ravi Zacharias
8:30 PM      Pastor Christian RaburnDr. David Reagan
9:00 PM      Katie SouzaFrank Santora
9:30 PM      Frank SantoraDr. James Scudder (cc)Dean and Mary BrownPastor Keith MooreDr. D. James KennedyPastor Robert Morris (cc)
10:00 PM      James and Betty Robison (cc)John Michael TalbotPastor Steve KellyJames and Betty Robison (cc)
10:30 PM      Joyce Meyer (cc)Main Stage Joyce Meyer (cc)
11:00 PM      John Hagee (cc)Roy FieldsDr. Charles Stanley (cc)Pastor Gus Korkotselos
11:30 PM      Main Stage Pastor Casey Treat (cc)Dr. Dwain Miller

All programs are subject to change without notice.